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This portal is created to support our customers in everyday work and issues they're experiencing, and need help for it. If you're currently not a Codexsto customer, please look at the contact information below and feel free to contact us, we'll be glad that we can help you and your company.

Why use the support portal instead of other communication channels?

All your conversations are in one place

It is difficult to keep track of information when more people are working on requests. In other ways of communication, customer support agents need to jump through many hoops. The best way to combat these issues is by creating a responsive and easily accessible ticket management solution that minimizes the resolution time.

Efficiency and flexibility

The biggest drawback of email communication is that the customer support agents need to go back and forth between their inboxes. Ticketing solutions allow the support team to work at full capacity all the time.

Another limitation of other communication channels over ticket tracking software is the flexibility to respond to user queries. Customers expect the support team to give the same kind of attention to the emails they send. Ticket tracking software lets the customer support team handle the tasks remotely, giving them the flexibility to respond instantly to the customer queries.

Who will support you?

Nevena Stajic
Nevena Stajic
Stevan Antanaskovic
Stevan Antanaskovic
Miroslav Mitic
Miroslav Mitic
CEO / Developer

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